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Zoe Lambrou was born in Limassol Cyprus, the beautiful Greek speaking Mediterranean island now a full member of the European Union.

Zoe, married with two children had developed a passion with art at an early age but her marriage and starting a family restricted her artistic ambitions for years.

Now many years later and with more free time at her disposal Zoe has found at last the opportunity to engage in her passion to paint using her own unique style in subject matters ranging from portraits to scenery and a lot more.


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It is nature though that gives Zoe more inspiration for her work and through the years she has developed her own personal original style, portraying her paintings in a format completely her own.

In the last few years her work has been exhibited in several different art galleries and exhibitions and her work is beginning to receive the attention and praise it deserves.

Today, Zoe's work is at last available to selectors worldwide and anyone and anywhere can now view and order any painting or paintings by this talented artist, through her personal website.

Zoe still lives in Limassol, Cyprus with her family and is active in charity and helping other young artists develop their passion in art and painting.

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